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Originally Posted by bombay View Post
Yeah. Tonight it was Kyle Korver that ate Boykins up in the 4th quarter. In addition to which he dribbled away 16-20 seconds of the shot clock a half dozen times in the quarter, only to pass to someone with no prayer of a decent shot, drove to the hoop and turned it over a couple of times... I'm so sick of this guy, and he's flat killing the team. JR Smith looks ready. Let him have the 4th quarter minutes until he proves he can't handle it. Miller can control the ball. It just makes me sick evertime Boykins gets the ball in his hands late in the game, because you know no one else will touch it 'till there are 5 or less seconds on the clock.

On the bright side, great game by Carmelo tonight, big contributions from JR Smith, Camby, and Reggie Evans, and a very good road win against a Philly team that's been playing well.

Did I mention I'm sick of Boykins?
It's gonna take many years for me to forgive the Nuggets for trading away the draft rights to Jameer Nelson because they already had Earl Boykins. Nelson is now a solid starter in Orlando and Boykins just gets more and more selfish as time goes on. Why he's given any minutes late in ball games is a mystery. Hell, why he's still on this team is a mystery to me.
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