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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
We get this **** from one of you guys every year you get a new QB. I never thought Smith was your biggest problem. Yet you kept expecting him to get you to the next level and when you didn't he was blamed consistently.

You watched our 2015 SB win with a QB who was no longer considered franchise performing. Did you see the final 4 in the playoffs? 3 with backups and one of them beat the team with a franchise QB. That's why we are fine right now with a journeyman. That's fine if we have truly improved our defense and the rest of our offense. Our backup QBs are a concern but let me tell you, so are yours. Why don't you develop an entire team instead of always having the narrow focus on one position?

The offense is all set. The defense was awful...gotta build that up. It will be better this year. ...and if the QB doesn't matter and the team needs built shouldn't have spent all that money on Keenum and built up a team around Lynch or Simien. ...the QB matters...A LOT.

That's exactly our argument. Using the Steelers as a comparison wasn't really bright. They have done something since 1970. KC hasn't. And yet we hear this same stuff every year and until you prove it, count on your rivals pointing this out to you.

The Steelers are exactly the right comparison....they sucked until 1970..then they had a decade of dominating..then Bradshaw retired..they sucked in the 80's like the Chiefs. In the 90's they were the SAME team as the Chiefs...strong D...always competing with a crappy QB...losing in the playoffs to teams with better QBs....then they had Big Ben fall in their laps in the draft after one of their few off years where they were picking in the lower teens.
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