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Originally Posted by Zerovoltz View Post
For those paying attention, I have already addressed the issues with many KC fans having an unhealthy amount of enthusiasm year over year when the team was always doomed to playoff failure because we always had a journeyman QB. I remember when Jason Whitlock was a columnist at The Star and having seen the Chiefs play in preseason, predicted the Steve Bono led Chiefs would go 16-0. So, I am sure that me showing up here to proclaim the coming greatness of the Chiefs is funny, and you've laughed when they all said this time is different! And then we wen't 13-3 and lost again, to a hall of fame QB in the playoffs.

As I said...during most of the last 3 decades, I had been in a small but ever increasing minority of Chiefs fans who understood the team wasn't going to ever win with journeyman QB and always found myself in arguments against the guys who probably showed up here to tell you all how great Elvis Grbac was.

I also readily admit that the Broncos have been a model franchise since 83. You've won rings...with teams lead by HOF 1st round, 1st overall drafted QB. Your victory in 15 really was due to a once a decade or so great defense like the 85 bears, 00 could have won that with Osweiler. (side note, watching you win in 15 really hurt, felt like the 90-95 Chiefs had a D that was pretty close to that and we couldn't make it happen. Manning was old and washed up and you won anyway. ) Anyhow...I don't know what more you want me to say...I've seen you all win your titles, be a consistant contender for a long time...and that is what I want my team to be. I don't discount your greatness...I accept it and hate it.

So again...that is why I have shown up to troll you because like others before me, I beleive the Chiefs are at the dawn of our golden age. Unlike others before me...I believe that because I am sure we do have a generational talent at QB who will be great. At the same time this is happening...the Broncos have a 1st round bust at QB on the roster...just signed a journeyman, to QB a team with a coach that isn't exactly inspriing any confidence...who was nearly fired, and if I recall correctly, has been given this year to earn his keep? (correct me if that is wrong) .....and to add to so many Chiefs teams of the past, you PASSED on QB in early round 1 to take a non who may even be very good even. Your franchise is now following the "Kansas City Chiefs" patented system guaranteed to have your team go 9-7 or so every year, fill the stadium, and have you drafting at pick 20 or so for decades, while you lose playoff games but your consistant mediocrity has fans convinced your always just a piece or two away every year. ...Meanwhile, KC is finally trying to do what Denver did. Aquire potential franchise QB. Be serious contender every year.

Even with all that said..I still wouldn't have come here the day after drafting Mahomes to tell you all this...but I've seen enough, and more important..and I can't stress it enough...the staff loves what they have so much..they traded a good QB who led the NFL in passer rating (a flawed rating system, but it's what they use) who is under contract for one more year at a reasonable 17 million, coming off of two division titles..they MOVED that guy out of the way to clear the path for Mahomes.

I have read through you Case Keenum thread. Most of your aren't stupid. You see what I see...that you got a journeyman, didn't get anyone in the draft who MIGHT be another franchise guy and that your franchise is dooming itself to excrutiating mediocrity.

You are done.
Did anyone actually read this?

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