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Originally Posted by GreatBronco16 View Post
And what happens when the defense runs a blitz up the middle, and our Oline lets him meet Mr.Wonderful? Can he move out of the way? Take the hit and keep playing? Or get carted off because his neck couldn't take it?

Why not just work with the kid on his passing skills and footwork, you know, coach him up and see if he does even better than winning one playoff game in a year where he started for most of the season? Why waste the money on a 2 year rental at most, and that's if he holds up? Why not try building the team around your QB that was allowed to be drafted in the first round just a couple years ago? Why not just put all your faith and time in with him? If I was going to roll the dice, I'd roll them in favor of our current QB than with a one time great QB that will cost way too much to aquire, and may not be healthy enough to make it past week 1.

BTW, with Manning, we still don't beat NE in the playoffs last year.
Nor this year.
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