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Anyone who thinks we shouldn't take the risk is crazy. Its worth it. Lets face it Tebows is a gamer, a thug in cleats when he runs, and a total class act, but hes been throwing the ball and playing football his whole life. The whole lets coach him up thing 3 yrs into his pro career is a joke. He throws how he throws and it probably wont ever be great.

If Tebow was smart he would learn FB/TE, then let the team use him in some short yardage packages running the option etc etc. Whatever. Find a roll. If we roll with Tebow, then I am also game. We grind it out and try and hit huge plays downfield. We need some WR who are good at the bomb then! Having big guys like DT who can run is also cool, but we could use some real burners IMO.
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