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Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
Lol. Costco pays all of its employees a living wage? I have agreed that Walmart is greedy and exploits those with no marketable job skills. I don't shop at WalMart. Couldn't care less about Walmart and their clientele. The premise of the thread is that all business should be required to pay a living wage to unskilled minimum wage earners for the pursuit of utopia. Lead by example. Open a business and put your financial future on the line while paying minimum wage types a living wage plus your idea of acceptable benifits. Or STFU.
Don't have to. There are plenty of examples that show treating your employees like human beings and not relying on government assistance to pay your workforce is a viable business model.

It's hilarious how much overlap there is between people that complain about people on public assistance and the people that go to the mat to defend the business practices that increase the need for public assistance (solely to boost profits).

Apparently single mothers on public assistance = leeches, but big, hugely profitable businesses on public assistance = a must for society.
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