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Originally Posted by BroncsRule View Post
Obviously, thy did not consider themselves tyrants. But then tyrants rarely do.
But they had to have known that there would come a time when someone would want to fight back. They talked about it a lot.

So why then give someone a right to fight back with firearms? Could it be that the intention wasn't for the citizenry to be able to defend itself from its own government, but from more immediate, more real threats such as Native Americans and foreign incursions, and to do so in an organized, efficient way, namely, keeping a militia in each state which is tasked with not only peacekeeping and the like in its home state, but can be supplied under a federal command when there is a threat to national security.

Why do you think regiments were designated by what state they were from until after the Civil War? It's because the bulk of the fighting force that made up the Union Army (actually both armies) at the beginning of the war were not US Regulars, but folks who served in local militia units, which formed companies and marched to the more populated areas to enlist with fellows from their state. Of these companies at the beginning of the war, many of them could tie their roots back to the period after the Revolutionary War, or even before, where they were formed as militias for defense against raids by "injuns" and to have an organized way to get a hold of people in the days before cell phones, not training to repulse some imminent threat from the federal government.

It was precisely this system, as I've talked about before, that was responsible for both sides to raise almost a million troops in 6 months time. IMO we'd be better off to go back to that system. Shrink the size of the federal armed forces and delegate it to the states to be called up in a time of need. Of course if Obama tried to go back to that bastion of states' rights that true conservatives used to be in support of, they would brand it as him getting the armed forces to split the forces up individually so as to weaken them and let his commie Arab brethren come in and establish an African colony in the US. Sound about right?
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