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The government has these:

amongst many other weapons system far more expensive than normal citizens can afford -- even if it were legal to posses such items.

Do you really think they give a **** if you have one of these?:

Do you really think you're going to win a war against the full might of the U.S. Army by relying on strength of arms? Has any "grass roots" revolution been successful when the rebellion tried to fight with strength of arms alone?

The answer is no. The only way to successfully fight an overwhelming superior force is through unconventional tactics and strategy (i.e. "terrorist" tactics), forging alliances (i.e. France in the Rev. War), or convincing defection of actual military units (e.g. the Civil War).

The government doesn't give one rats ass about how many AR-15s are out there. A bunch of rednecks armed with them are exactly zero threat against the U.S. Military.

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