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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Pezman
Well, all I know is that in 2003,
after games, we'd see roughly 50-100 (as I recall) members sign up after games or even on gamedays.

Last year, that number doubled and we saw between 100-200 members hit the site up on gamedays.

This year, the Mane has gone so big, that we average over 400-500 member views right after the game and on gamedays. Its clear the sheer numbers are just crushing the server. Hell, even 250 people viewing at one time would crush most dedicated servers IMO.

But that's just coming from an outside observation here. I'm sure there is even more involved including bandwidth etc...
Yep... a quick glance at the board stats on the main index page shows that nearly 400 members have visited the Mane today. Currently there are 150+ people on the site... 80-some members and 70-some guests. Using those numbers as a guideline, a ballpark estimate of the traffic here would be around 750 or so (400 members + maybe 350 guests)...
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