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Originally Posted by errand View Post
I will support Tebow if he's our QB...just because i think Manning is a better QB doesn't mean i won't cheer Tebow during the games if he's the starter. Unlike you, i want the team to do well...if that means with Tebow, fine...but I am of the opinion he's not as good as Manning, and to be honest, watching you and the nuthuggers go berserk at the thought of Tebow being replaced IS kind of funny

And what about you? If we sign Manning, i guess we could pull up all your negative posts about him as you try to climb onto the bandwagon?
No you won't. The only reason you're being magnanimous is because you've convinced yourself this is done deal and trying to box people in as not being as SUPER FAN as you are. Pretty transparent about it too.

SUPER FAN is super.
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