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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post
This is the crux of the matter. Elway and co have made a move of HUGE proportions. I agree that it makes the team better. Manning is an elite QB.

But Manning IS 36 years old. He does not have 5-6 years of play left. Odds are he will play here 3-4 IF he stays healthy. And if he is hurt we currently have no one ( well maybe Weber really is good...and maybe he can learn behind Manning)
to take his place.

The fact that we are paying a very large sum of $ to get PM here is also a consideration. Plus we also have to invest in other players to get the team up to his needs.

Like others I feel that going to the super bowl is the only way you can say this is a success. And maybe we will. But if we don't, and get knocked out early or even don't make the playoffs the next few years?

Then this will have been a mistake...of the same proportions as the potential upside. We are structuring the team for this move...
What they need to do now is prepare for this schedule. This is the worst schedule I think I've ever seen. We're going to need a full roster and a packed practice squad. We got Manning, but this schedule looks like we're sailing into the perfect storm.
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