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Your post makes little sense. At the start of the year McCoy said he'd be running a lot of 2-back sets. Obviously that didn't happen...yet you still think he had such a big positive impact on this team? It was time for him to move on, and I'm glad he's gone. He's a Charger, and I will always root for him to lose.
I'm not sure why you're so stuck on this 2 back thing. He said he'd do it, and he ended up not doing it...probably has to do with many hours of discussion with Fox and Manning. You sound like a little b*tch that keeps on whining about something so pointless. This really has little to no meaning to the bigger picture. I mean people say **** all the time and don't "do it."

...except that they still employed the same blocking scheme and terminology as McCoy's Offense...which was a descendant of McDaniel's Offense. Tom Moore's zone-blocking scheme is more effective...especially out of a single-back set.
Same blocking scheme? Same terminology? You do realize they ran the same terminology back in Carolina right? When Fox and McCoy was there?

Back to your favorite team, the Patriots. It's kind of easy to be 7th in the NFL in rushing when your 2nd in attempts. I would expect a top 5 ranking. However, I do think the hurry-up run game (via Chip Kelly) is nice, though that's Bellicheat's doing...not McD.
Yeah, considering they were 2nd in rushing attempts and yet they were still the #1 offense in the league is even MORE impressive. Being 2nd in attempts shows commitment...and averaging 4.2 is right in the middle of the league.

You're right, it's ONLY Belichick's doing...has nothing to do with McDaniels working on incorporating it into the offense.

Got anymore infantile insults? Hope you have a kerchief to cry into now that McCoy is gone.
There is really few insults you can throw at a walking retard.
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