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**** McDaniels. And **** McCoy. So much for his vaunted 2-back set. Thank god we had Chris Gronkowski right?
His vaunted 2-back set? Are you just making **** up now? You're blaming McCoy for Chris Gronkowski? I didn't know he was GM and HC. If they're not running 2-back sets the whole season, you should look at Fox and Elway.

What we ran this year was the bastardized son of McDaniels "vaunted" running game, which Manning tried to make work with the Manning Offense. Hopefully we see Tom Moore here, so you can get an accurate version sh*thead. Shouldn't you be on a Patriots board?
So is this what fans like you do? Make up bull**** to paint a fantasy picture?

McDaniels has nothing to do with our running game. Apparently you weren't around when John Fox was hired and he said he'd bring the "most complex running game in the league" to this team. McDaniels running game doesn't involve running out of 3 different formations. Manning is all about running the same few plays time and time again. Like in Indy... pretty much the only running play they had was a stretch running play.

Keep thinking about McDaniels tho, he is your God/Devil. He owns your soul in some way.

Tebow succeeded in spite of gay ass McCoy.
Great analysis there.

Yeah, McCoy ONLY used go routes, because he's a dumbass.

I don't know why I didn't think of this at first...but are you female? Your posts would make much more sense if that were the case. I truly hope you are for your own sake.
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