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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I agree. I understand what Mortensen and Schefter are saying, but I think there are as many negatives as positives for the Broncos. It hugely impacts how much $ they have to spend in FA and any possible plans they have to move Tebow. Not to mention it leaves the door open for other teams to get involved.
If PM waits until a week after FA period starts he is mucking things up for
all parties. Wherever he goes the teams have to know as soon as possible
due to the FA bidding process and what personnel they need to bring in to fill out the roster to match up with him. Him waiting to make a decision , or because of mental tiredness or emotional drain due to being released from Indy is a crock. He knows where he wants to go already.

Either he has his list narrowed down to one or two and its a toss up depending on money, or he is going all "Favre" and simply has no idea, and will end up screwing everyone on his short list. Az needs to get rid of Kolb and some O line. We need to bring in a TE and RB. Miami will need to restructure contracts also. Every team involved has to move players and contracts to accomodate him, and drawing it out screws every team that waits for his decision.

I said in aother thread that I thought he was "playing" Elway and co., and using us to dribve the price up for others. If he doesn't decide by Tuesday the chances of that being the case, are much higher.

Because we have a lot of cap room we are in a better position than others to withstand the screwing, but it will end up costing us as we'll have to overpay
for FAs that are left if he goes anywhere else After Tuesday.

If PM is coming here he will decide by Tuesday. After that Elway and co now have a problem with Tebow believing anything they ever tell him.
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