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Mort said its HIGHLY UNLIKELY Peyton signs before Wednesday.

Mort also said he wouldn't be surprised if Manning doesn't sign at all this week and could go past the deadline for Kolb's bonus. Manning doesn't want to be rushed he is "exhausted" and "he wants to relax and get back into his passing regime"

If this does drag into FA and past the Kolb deadline Mort said that it highly benefits the Broncos, because they already have their starting QB in place, and Manning or no Manning won't effect our FA plans. For that reason he believes Denver has the advantage especially if it drags on into April. All the other teams that want Manning need a QB and maybe they can't wait and they will try to go after another FA.

He said Denver doesn't care how long it takes for Manning to sign because they have Tebow in place as the starting QB as of right now. If Manning signs whenever it is they can move Tebow by trading him and he confirmed Jaguars would likely be interested.
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