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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
Tebow made the playoffs with a team just as bad as Cam's and a worse coach and coaches that did everything to ruin him while Cam's did everything to make things easy for him.

Cam has a loaded offense and Tebow doesn't.. that is the only difference.

But if you watched Cam this season he couldn't even figure out how to win a game until Tebow showed him how... watch Cam after Tebow came in and you see him playing like Tebow.. same numbers too. Even with a much better offense..
Ignorant post if your trying to say Tebow is the reason they got in the playoffs. Is he really the sole reason? Was it his 48% completion rate that did it? I think the defense had a lot to do with it too. Carolinas defense isnt as good and Newton had a much better season than Tebow did and plays in a tougher division that has two real good teams in it.
C-mon bro, Tebow lost a game to the guy he replaced and he was awful doing it. Seems your the one fooled by looks and it is the look of the uniform that is fooling you. Cutler was god til he got traded.

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