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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
Yeah, KK is one of my fav movies ever, but I always found it a bit funny that people cared so much about a youth karate tournament in the valley.

Also, in KK2, its kinda hilarious that Daniel-San goes to Okinawa with this dude he still doesn't know THAT well, and somehow he gets involved in a fight for his survival. I want that scene where Miyagi thinks "how the hell am I gonna explain this to his mother". (though its possible I'm remembering this movie wrong)
Pretty sure KK2 starts after senior prom, and Daniel only turns 16 in KK1, so there are roughly 2 years in there where Miyagi is essentially his surrogate father. If you remember, Daniel's mother was moving away for a job, and she and Miyagi had agreed that Daniel could stay with him. Miyagi's father falling ill threw a wrench into that initial plan, but Daniel blew part of his college savings to pay his own way to Okinawa with Master Miyagi.
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