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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
It's politics have degenerated into 'third world,' all that's missing is a military coup.

This board is a microcosm of today's partisan arguing. The economy doesn't matter as long as the party scores points.

It's become a political 'paintball' league of ideological simpletons.
The two parties had no problem at all coming together to pass the Banksters & Wall Street's rewriting of Dodd/Frank regulations.

I think there's a big part of your answer right there. This whole left/right lockjaw paradigm is the bull**** they feed the masses. They have no problem at all coming together when the proper entities want something to happen and are willing to pay for it. Like we learned in Watergate: "Follow the money." The money has been flowing steadily upwards for thirty years, regardless of who gets elected. It's been the biggest redistribution of wealth in history.

And now they want the money that's being "wasted" on the poor, in SS, Medicaid and Medicare.

Look at the Iraq War. Did we succeed? Was a critical national purpose fulfilled? No. Iraq is worse than ever. It cost the American taxpayer a trillion dollars and thousands of dead Americans, not to mention who knows how many dead Iraqis. The corporate mercenaries who followed our military into Iraq made fortunes. What do they care if the structures they build fall into the dirt once they leave? The fat cow government has already paid them. Party on.

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