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Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
To claim that Hendrix is/was anything less than a minor deity is tantamount to blasphemy in some guitar circles, so I know I'm going to get flamed hard for this.

I would argue that Hendrix was overrated compared to Page, for one example. If you listen to Page's solos on that first Led Zeppelin album (which was released when Hendrix was still active) Page is playing Hendrix completely under the table on all levels musically.

Alvin Lee was another guitarist who handed Hendrix his ass at Woodstock.

Jeff Beck was another guy who could give Jimi a serious run for his money.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying I don't like any of Hendrix's music or that I don't appreciate his importance in the larger scheme of the evolution of rock guitar - I'm just saying that there were guys who were already passing him by in his lifetime.
You know, Hendrix himself claimed inferiority to several others including Phil Keaggy who he called the best guitar player in the world.

Chet Atkins was of a different genre, but I would take Chet's work over Jimmys.

I think that Hendrix gets his status for a couple of reasons, both of which have little to do with his performance. That doesnt negate that he was an excellent player though.
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