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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
What? The only thread I've EVER bumped to show I was right was last week's football write-up and I only did that because it was late, posted a couple hours before the game and not many people got to see and read it.

If I wanted to thump my chest, I'd spend every ****ing podcast talking about how spot on I was last week, bump threads about every DB I've spoken about (from nailing Alford back when he was a UDFA prospect, to the entire 2012 draft class), bump discussion about Cedric Thornton a UDFA DT who is now a starting DL and one of the few to sack Manning, an OM mock draft record that ****s on every GM in the league, and so so so much more. In fact, I woke up to a rep from Taco regarding this post back at the start of last season when Denver was on a losing streak and everyone was hand-wringing:

As far as Clairborne, yes, you used him to claim Peterson had a terrible first game, meanwhile almost every catch you cited to be "Steve Smith destroying him" was either actually against another player or incredibly well covered.

People think I think I'm right all the time because I'm right almost all the ****ing time. If I actually did bump threads and shove it in people's faces, it'd be inherently obnoxious.

Answer honestly:

Do you have a crush on me? Is that what's going on here?
Awesome post thanks for the entertainment. I know that is how you really feel. BTW you do spend half of the podcast talking about yourself I just never bring it up because I like them and I know it is a lot of work to do them. Smith did destroy PP but we are done talking about that. Anyways I just learned this last week you don't need facts to argue a point you can just say Somebody told me and it's none of your business.
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