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Re: Neck Pony Nation!!!

[quote author=amesj523 link=board=News;num=1014738612;start=345#350 date=07/18/02 at 11:03:17]Sorry paulie,  i was really tired last night......  got the name wrong....

anyway do you really trust the gov't to just do away with this stuff when terrorist threats are over?  I don't...  Do you think the office of homeland security, the 2nd largest office in the gov't will be downsized or anything like that, i don't.....  I personally think that our freedoms are being removed ever sooo slowly that in a way terrorism is a blanket for it.

And i personally do not see the US Patriot act being removed... which pretty much gives the executive branch power without approval....  gotta love it....


No problem Ames!
To do away with? No. Maybe to replace it.
Homeland Security is here to stay, the USA won't get caught like that again(I hope)
You really feel your freedoms are being taken away? That is something that cannot be given up at any cost. But I see your point, the government, potentially, using the threat of terrorism as a means to gain more control.......that's scary.

BTW, I'm not American(but I am a North American!) I'm a Canuck.   This is what our women do on weekends. see attachment above.............
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