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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I remember Spags was the popular choice the year we hired McDaniels. The Rams have been the worst team in football for about half a decade. That's on ownership.
Yep, I remember wanting him as well. I think it would have worked out a lot better for him in Denver... for us as well. We'd have a douchebag for a QB, but he would be a player and our offense wouldn't suck bawls.

Also remember that Raheem Morris (Rahim Moore, lol) was a part of that "HC Class", not sure if he will keep his job in TB. Schwartz was part of that class as well, no? Looks like he could be the only that survives as a HC beyond this year.

Gonna have a lot of moves again this year. St. Louis, San Diego, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Miami, Jacksonville... and possibly Dallas and Philly.

We need an OC in a bad way, any of those teams offer a good OC? Norv Turner would work, Haley would work, that's about it.

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