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Great post Drek

However, I take exception to your statement the NL West is weak. I don't think there's a bad organization outside of Colorado in the division.

The Dodgers are coming off a wild card season, they have an influx of top notch young talent coming up from their farm system and Ned Colletti has the financial backing to fill holes with veterans. San Francisco has been competitive for the last decade and even though Brian Sabean has taken an unconventional approach with veterans, his strategy has worked time after time. San Diego has a weak farm system, but they have an All-Star front office with Kevin Towers, Sandy Alderson, Paul DePodesta, Grady Fuson, etc. The Padres have enjoyed three straight successful seasons since moving into their new ballpark. Arizona has a bright future with a bright GM in Josh Byrnes and possibly the best collection of youth in baseball. They may make a run at the NL West this year.

This is the third toughest division outside of the AL Central and East and easily the NL's strongest.
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