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Cecil Shorts - WR
Mike Williams - WR
Kenbrell Thompkins - WR
Martellus Bennett - TE
Fred Jackson - RB
Mikel Leshoure - RB

I would try to move these guys to grab Stafford or other positions you're interested in upgrading. Why is Mikel on your team? You could use this for a DST as I wouldn't be satisfied running the Patriots D every week.

Luck, while young, just doesn't give you the huge FF or more important a consistent week in/week out base points. I would have expected more versus the Jags. But, they seem to want to run balance.

Back to your topic you have a nice team. What is your record? You definitely have wiggle room. I wouldn't trade consistent starters. Your bench has trade assets. Try to move 'em if you want to upgrade.
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