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Originally Posted by 91BRONCO View Post
In a sense, isn't that what the NFL is advocating for though? Hard drugs that are hard to test for (although very harmful) versus coming around to the benefits of marijuana?

I hear the arguments against it stating "what type of message would that send?" but I'm not buying. Their already sending a message but the public either doesn't care or isn't aware.

Hypocrisy at it's finest.
Yeah kinda counter-intuitive. Not sure if thats the right word but you get what I mean. At my old methadone clinic you got dropped once a month unless you were on probation already. Everyone would wait until they dropped, do whatever the **** they wanted for 3 weeks, and then sober up until their next UA. Rinse and repeat. Meanwhile you faced the same disciplinary action for dropping hot for weed. Kinda ****ed up the way it works.
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