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Ha the way Broncos fans talk their franchise is legendary. It's not. You guys were countless losers of the NFL until 97 for crying out loud.
As far as the AFC goes, since the merger, I'd say only New England, Miami, Oakland/LA and Pittsburgh have had more success if both AFC titles and SB victories are your main measuring sticks.

SB record

Steelers 6-2 (8)
Raiders 3-2 (5)
Patriots 3-4 (7)
Dolphins 2-3 (5)
Broncos 2-4 (6)

Now, does having the third most AFC championships make the Broncos a legendary team? Dunno about that, but I'd say it shows they have been one of the top 5 teams in the AFC. Throwing in the Bills AFC championships into the mix, then you have 6 teams with 36 of the 46 Super Bowl appearances.

As far as winning the big game, yes Denver didn't get it done before '97, but they still had an incredible amount of success in the conference.
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