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Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
I've been thinking lately about what has made this place lose some popularity (and desirability), over the past few years. This is one of the things.

And, let me say, I have been as guilty of this as anybody. Today, I am publicly repenting.

Starting the occasional duplicate thread is FINE! And, in a case like this, it's not even a duplicate thread!

If a topic is mentioned in a semi-unrelated thread, then starting a new thread about it is not starting a duplicate thread.

If a thread is cleverly (but not necessarily clearly) labeled, then starting a new thread about the topic is understandable (although it still probably should be combined, which is why we have moderators).

If a thread is duplicated because the first one is simply missed - well, so what? If a person does it all the time, they should be called out. We've all done it once or twice. Poke your fun, and move on.

Over the last few years, the biggest thing I've noticed here has been the shallow pool of the regular posters. There just doesn't seem to be as many people posting regularly, as there was at one time. This is especially worrisome since the popularity of the Broncos seems to be at nearly an all-time high.

How about we all stop being so elitist about some of this stuff - in this case, starting what might be a duplicate thread? Maybe we'll get more lurkers - folks who might be otherwise a little afraid of starting new threads - to start posting again.
I agree. We're all Broncos fans here. That's why we come here. There should be more friendliness and support among fellow fans, not constant attacks and juvenile judgment over the most trivial bull****...

that's all I've got.
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