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M. Salah

Originally Posted by CBF1 View Post
The point is that the Spurs sat all of the starters, not any one individual. What is the difference between this and a game 4 of the the NFL preseason

Everyone that buys season tickets complain that they have to pay full price to see what is basically a practice... no difference here. I agree with the fine.
Yeah, top to bottom this is all pretty false.

You know why people hate the preseason? Because it doesn't count for anything. The outcomes of the game mean literally nothing. So this absolutely isn't the same thing. I wish the Spurs would sit guys against the Nuggets, of whom I do buy a partial ticket package for. I'd love for my team to get a win that counts.

But furthermore, fining a team for something that isn't against the rules is pretty messed up even if you think the Spurs were wrong. (Let's be clear -- they weren't) If Stern wanted to say that he can't have teams tanking games on national TV, I'm fine with that. But it needs to be discussed and written into the rules after the year is out.

The fact is that the Spurs have sat that group of players before, and nobody said anything. So the precedent is there. And again, how can this possibly be legislated? What if those players played for the opening tip, and at the next stoppage of play (foul, time out, whatever) they were all subbed out and and never came back in? Does the NBA get to legislate how many minutes players play? This is a very slippery slope we're going down, and the coaching decisions should be left to the coaches. If you support the fine, then I'd like to hear how much those players should have played, and how you came to that number.
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