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You guys are full of BS.

But that's OK. I actually buy silver -- not gold. But I'm very happy you think precious metal is a bad investment.

Sorry to seem selfish -- but this wacko logic on your part is actually going to help put money in my pocket.

As the dollar goes to hell -- metal will increase in value. This is a no brainer. Last summer I bought junk silver at $19/ounce./ It is now over $30/ounce and is projected to go much much higher.

One day you might need silver to buy gasoline. If the dollar goes to hell you won't be able to carry enough in a wheelbarrow to fill your gas tank.

It happened in Weimer Germany in 1922. It happened in Mexico - and Venezuela. It happened in Russia.

You think it can't happen here?

Go ahead,. Be stupid. As I say -- that will put $ in my pocket.

American hubris is over the top. Each week we reach a new low. If I had a dime for every stupid ignorant post on the OM I'd be a millionaire.

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