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Not a first round pick, but Cliche is a decent prospect. It's a good trade for both teams imo.

Aaron Miller's name has come up a lot. He's even been linked to Colorado, but I see both Miller and Sopel on other teams by the deadline.

As for the Avs, they pretty much have to win 2/3rds of their remaining games to make the playoffs. I'm at the point as to where I'd like them to move Vaananen and Klee and bring up Cumiskey and Boychuk for the rest of the season. I think Klee could fetch a third round pick. A team like Nashville or San Jose may be interested. Both have young bluelines and an experienced vet like Klee would be a vaulable depth player. Some guys like Stuart are going to be overpriced, Klee is a nice bargain and he's having a good year for the Avs. Vaananen is still young, but he's a UFA and I'm not convinced he's in the Avs future plans.
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