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Originally Posted by Pendejo View Post
Hey 24Champ...what do you think of the job Andy Murray has done in STL so far. I always hated his personality, but thought he was a good coach...
He is doing a great job in STL obviously. Personally I think his style of play is too conservative for my liking but Im glad he is doing a good job because now they have a dilemma of whether to buy or sell at the trade deadline since they are in reach of the playoffs. Could drive up the asking price for one of our players, who knows? As for Murray's personality, he was very cool and approachable to all Kings fans. He loved talking with the fans.

He had them as a team to contend with. Losing Deader really hurt the franchise...he was playing up to his potential in LA...being a main option. He was my favorite Av before the trade, and I laughed like a bastard when he scored the goal that knocked the wings out of the 2001 playoffs.
I thought our potential was to go farther than say...2 rounds but you know we hit the injury bug very hard during some of those Murray years. Your right about Deadmarsh, kind of put the brakes on the franchise so to speak.

Under Murray...the Kings were formidable in those playoffs. They simply lost to a better Avs teams in a ferociously played 7 game series. Quite a coaching I'm sure the game was a bit more intense in LA than coaching at a prep school.
What ultimately led to his firing and the gutting of the entire franchise was the fact we were number 2 or 3 at the halfway point of last year in the Western Conference and dropped completely out of the playoffs. The problem was Murray couldn't do anything to save the season or make the playoffs. The fans got sick of the patch-up jobs we seemed to do ever since AEG owned the franchise. So they pretty much gutted the franchise (When I say gutted they fired everyone from scouts to the equipment manager) and put in a whole new organization which is now run by Lombardi and his crew. Im patient with Lombardi seeing that this is the first year and takes time to get things running the way you want it to.Same applies for Crawdad. I suspect in 2-3 years we will be cup contenders. (Yes I am serious.)
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