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Originally Posted by DAN_BRONCO_FAN View Post
maybe the Kansas city chiefs pissed off a Native American shaman and he placed a curse on them.
Maybe they keep falling in love with retread QB's because they don't have scouts or a GM that understands how to evaluate or draft one.

Seriously you can go back to them getting Steve DeBerg in the 80's. Multiple GMs' who suck put them at the bottom of the barrel.

I am made at the Saints and replacement refs for giving them a win this year. This team would have to be just as lucky to win another game this year.

Romeo is going to start Quinn and resort to putting Cassel back in after watching Quinn go on one of his 0 for last 10 streaks down 28 points. Who knows maybe Stanzi gets a shot running Romeo's great offense. It won't matter who they put back there because the center can't get the QB the ball and the rest of the OL can't pass pro or run block.
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