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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by -Slap- View Post
St Louis' accomplishment is far more impressive because the team they were chasing didn't tank. The Dodgers went 104-50 on the season. The Cardinals' winning percentage in winning 43 of 51 games was an absoutely ridiculous .843 over the final two months of the season.

By far the most impressive comeback in baseball history.
Funny how its never mentioned as the most impressive. Maybe its just because its only in your mind.

Which is fine. Everyone has their own opinion and you could ask 100 different guys the same question and are likely to get about 75 different answers.

Still, the feat just got harder with St Louis on top late and the 'Stros losing tonight. The way this run for Houston has been going I was almost positive Huff was going to knock that homer in the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs and two on down by three. Would have been sweet, but alas, they caught him looking.

Gotta tell you, even if the Stros dont make the playoffs, this last week has really been fun. Not just the Astros and Cards, but the Dodgers and Padres and Phillies as well. World Series wont matter much I dont think, since the AL is so loaded and the ALCS is essentially going to determine the world champ but this has ALWAYS been the most exciting part of baseball for me, the race for the pennant and probably will remain that way until baseball does something about the salaries and some sort of cap.

Also, really cool of Atlanta "fans" (i use the term loosely) to give Roger a standing ovation after he is taken out of the game tonight.
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