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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Tell us again how Manning is gonna win a SB even though he can't beat Tom Brady or the Texans?

I'll be here to remind you of that again since it doesn't seem to compute to you .
Manning plays against the New England D and/or the Texan D.

New England D is ranked 30th in the league against the pass. Texans D is much better, but they recently lost their team captain, all-pro, star of the defense in Brian Cushing.

Brady and Schaub, on the other hand, will play against the Denver D. in case you haven't noticed, are much improved with Brooking @ MLB. Broncos have given up >220 yards passing only once this year, despite facing Brady, Brees, Schaub, Ryan, and Roethlesburger.

As long as Denver doesn't turn the ball over, they can and will be able to keep up with the cream of the AFC crop. They have in the past, they will do it again. Maybe you have forgotten how Denver was a failed 3rd down stop from beating the Texans (Denver would have had the ball, down by 6 with just over 2 minutes to money's on Manning here). Or, maybe you forgot how Denver was a McGahee dropped pass and a McGahee fumble from beating the Pats in NE.

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