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Andy Reid: Good Enough To Make You Hate Him For How Bad He Was

Bless his weird, stoic, confused heart, and off with his head. There will be plenty of people lining up to tell you that Reid was the worst fourth-quarter tactician in the league, a big-game choker, a bullheaded misuser of talent, a nincompoop, a slowly sinking barge to nowhere. Most of that is true. He was also a better coach than most franchises—and certainly the eternally scattershot and dysfunctional Eagles—usually see.

That is why Eagles fans hated him so. Andy Reid's Eagles were good. At times, they were very, very good. For 14 years—or rather for the greater part of 12 of those years—the Eagles were about as good as anybody else in the league. Sixteen times each season, or 17 or 18 or even 19 times, Reid's teams took the field with an undeniably plausible chance of winning.

It's a strange thing to be galled about, when you step back and consider it, but it was galling. The number of times they actually did win topped out in 2004-05, at 15: 13 regular-season victories, two playoff victories, and the ball in Donovan McNabb's hands with 5:40 to go in the Super Bowl, within striking distance of a beatable Patriots team. The Eagles needed two scores, and they got one of them—on that still-baffling three-minute-45-second slow march down the field, their relentless downfield progress matched by the even-more-relentless draining of the clock. It was the Andy Reid-iest sequence of Andy Reid's career; I watched it with a friend who hates the Eagles, and he abandoned his rooting interest and started yelling at the TV set in sheer objective disbelief and frustration. How could any team be so stupid with so much on the line?
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