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Originally Posted by Shananahan View Post
I think I'd be pretty upset if my team signed that guy to anywhere near top-ten money. That's completely unbiased as well (I think). He shows flashes, but he disappears or drops his way out of games too often for a guy who would want that kind of money. I'd have to see him do it consistently before I even thought about it. I don't really buy the franchise QB argument, either. Lloyd was hardly playing with a franchise QB and put up ridiculous numbers as the team's only real receiving threat.

Bowe made a name for himself and went to the Pro Bowl off of a 4-6 week stretch of games in which he caught about half of his TDs for the year. I think he's talented, but overrated. I'd be delighted to see KC pay him $9+ million/year with a big signing bonus.
Well look at what he's done in the NFL since he's been here.

He's had 1,000 yards receiving every year (995 yards rookie year but still basically 1,000) except 2009 when Todd Haley benched him and Derrick Johnson because he was trying to make them better.

Look who he's had throwing him the ball? Damon Huard, Brodie Croyle, Tyler Palko? I mean at least he's had success with Cassel.

Bowe looked pretty good with Orton in the 2 1/2 games he was with him. 80 yards and a TD vs Oakland and 93 yards on Champ Bailey in the first half he played (3 20+ yard catches). Not too bad.

I think if you have someone good throwing him the ball, then he's good for a 1,200 yards and 12 TD type of year.
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