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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
Naw....your just a red/white glasses fool............I call it like I see it.
Your eyesight is impaired.

He is hurt bad as it gets for his position and he is small and cannot get the hard yards.
Again, medicine has come a long way in the last 10 years, especially for ACL tears. Ryan Broyles and AD are doing just fine and they got injured in November/December. Charles was already 2 months into rehab at that point. It usually takes roughly 9 months to come back from the injury. Charles has an entire year.

TD was a tweaner with size and speed and could do it got a scatback.........just look at CJ who
disappears just like your fool has done even when healthy.
The Chiefs have no intentions of using Charles for the tough short yards. That's why they signed Thomas Jones, then Peyton Hillis.

The Titans are stupid. Giving CJ 358 carries was plain stupid. It was even more stupid to give him 300+ carries the next season to ruin his legs ala Larry Johnson and Curtis Martin. The Chiefs are being smart by not giving Charles 300 carries. That's what shortens a RB's career.

Charles is one of the most explosive RB's in the league and you saying he disappeared is funny. When did he disappear?
He's been an elite playmaker ever since he's started.
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