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Round 1 - Space is a Dark Cold Place

Welcome to deep space, a place so isolated it drives a man insane. A place where being alone is pure torture..... Kind of like when Captain Kirk had some issue with some fuzzy looking aliens or something like that.

But let's put your mental strength to the test will we..... and for that matter whatever alliances you MAY have formed waiting for your ship to leave dry dock, or whatever the hell they call it for Star Trek vehicles of space.

Round 1 is a blackout round.

THAT'S RACIST..... except not really. It is simple really, the vote you cast this round will be recorded...... but the results will not be shared until after the end of the game. In this round not voting speaks volumes, at least to JCM and myself. But nobody else will know, until its too late. As with everything in life there are consequences for your actions..... or no action in this case........

Votes are due into me theAPAOps5 by 2pm (Mountain Time) tomorrow....... or Tuesday June 18, 2013 for you detailed oriented ones. Whenever I feel like tallying them up and telling you is when you will find out.

End of Captains Log (or whatever they say)

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