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I don't agree. Tebow chose NYJ because, ostensibly, it was the football people (Tannebaum, et al) who wanted him. In Jacksonville, the football people did not want him but were having him forced on them by Khan. I don't see how going to a situation where you know in advance the coaching staff does not want you would been a better situation.
You're right in that if the staff made it clear in Jville that he was their guy, he would've gone there. I think he knew what a zoo it was going to be though, having a staff who wasn't onboard in a town that would be screaming for Tim from the first huddle.

OTOH, he should've seen that the Jets had just finished handcuffing themselves to a turd QB with maybe the worst NFL contract of the century.

Neither situation was all that great. But in hindsight he should've erred on the side of the one that guaranteed him some field time.
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