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I was hoping the Avs would have picked up Mike Sillinger. The forward depth on the team is pretty good, particularly with Richardson holding his own, but it's always nice to have options in case of injury.

I don't know what Lacroix is going to do, if anything. I think the biggest weakness on the team right now is Brisebois now that Aebischer has started to play better. I'd like to see what Kurt Sauer can do on the last defensive pairing with Vaananen. Blake has picked up his play and the defense hasn't been as terrible as it was in December, with the exception of Brisebois.

It's kind of discouraging that the Avs have played so well in January and are in the same spot in the standings as they were at the end of December. Their division and conference are brutal. All 5 teams in the Northwest Division would be in the playoffs right now were they in the Eastern Conference.

As far as Weight going to the Hurricanes, I think it's a great move for Carolina. I'm still kind of shocked they are the best team in the NHL right now. If you would have told me at the beginning of October that Martin Gerber was the starting goalie for the best team in hockey I would have thought you were crazy.
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