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Originally Posted by eddie mac View Post
I think the better example would be to look at things from the other perspective. How many low income or even low spending teams have ever won a Superbowl without spending money on players I think the Bucs with Sapp are the only franchise ever to do so in the money era of pro football and that Khan is where I'm coming from with Bowlen and this team's financial stance. We wont do **** until we become financially competitive again.
I'm not arguing against the idea of spending money on free agency. I'm just not remembering a team that brought in a bunch free agents in one offseason and won it all. It seems to me the teams that are close and get one or two to get them over the edge are not uncommon. However those players usually come into an already established team that is competitive and has chemistry with each other. Signing ten free agents, even if they're good, takes time for them to learn to work with each other.
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