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Living in KC, I have seen the rationalizing that has been going on

First when the lost Carr it was "Oh well he always wanted to play for Dallas anyways, so no way we could of kept him despite having tons of cap"

Then when Manning tells them he is not interested it was "Oh its a good thing, now we can use all the cash we would of given him on several other players"

Then when then didnt make a big FA splash it became "We won the division 2 years ago and have one of the most talented teams in the NFL anyways except for the qb position, we only needed Hillis and Winston"
That's what most fan bases do, though. If they had landed Manning, would be talking about winning the Super Bowl, but since he signed in Denver they have doubts whether he could be healthy or not.

Way I see it, if Denver can't beat out the Chiefs--don't deserve to be in the running for a championship which is what this is all about in the end.
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