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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
When did I say the Broncos lost the trade? I just said I disagree that this was a freaking fleecing.

Portis had a hell of a run in DC and was critical to the 2 playoff years under Gibbs.

I saw it as a pretty even trade and I saw a lot of articles saying it was a good trade for both teams when it was debated during the 2005-2008 timeframe.

edit: also if you want to mock my eye test, I have one question only: While champ bailey was with the broncos and portis with the skins, what was the playoff wins count?

I see 1 for champ and 1 for portis

and I am not even trying to be combative, just it seems to always lead to people getting bent out of shape on this board if someone dares be critical of the broncos at all; and this is coming from me a person who really is more critical on the skins and more bullish on what the broncos do organizationally.
Because Portis is a running back and Champ is a corner.

And you can try and pretend the trade was "even" because "they won the same amount of playoff games" but what sort of stupid criterion is that? The rest of the team, their coaches and especially the QB they happen to play with has more to do with their playoff success than their personal ability.

That's like saying Trent Dilfer is a better QB than Dan Marino because he won a Super Bowl and Marino didn't.

At the time it did seem like a fair trade were it not for the second round pick. Then Gibbs tried to turn Portis into a power back.

Portis put up some decent numbers and was a second string player in 1 pro bowl as the last back up.

Champ Bailey is an 11 time pro bowl player and three time all pro and going into the hall of fame.

It's not even close. The Redskins traded a HOF corner and a second round pick for speed back in the wrong system.

The Redskins were fleeced. Does that mean Portis didn't help the team or play well for them? No. But if I was to do this trade again for a running back, I would need a back like Adrian Peterson to warrant the trade as "even." And no one here was EVER saying it was a fair trade because of the second round pick. Since that time it has played out to be a horrid trade for the Redskins.

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