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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
When did I say the Broncos lost the trade? I just said I disagree that this was a freaking fleecing.

Portis had a hell of a run in DC and was critical to the 2 playoff years under Gibbs.

I saw it as a pretty even trade and I saw a lot of articles saying it was a good trade for both teams when it was debated during the 2005-2008 timeframe.

edit: also if you want to mock my eye test, I have one question only: While champ bailey was with the broncos and portis with the skins, what was the playoff wins count?

I see 1 for champ and 1 for portis

and I am not even trying to be combative, just it seems to always lead to people getting bent out of shape on this board if someone dares be critical of the broncos at all; and this is coming from me a person who really is more critical on the skins and more bullish on what the broncos do organizationally.

Name the top 10 defensive players of the last 8 years

Name the top 10 (non QB) offensive players of the last 8 years

Who's name would appear on the list more often. I bet Champ appears on 90% of the lists. Portis would be lucky to appear 10%

Who had a more dramatic effect on the outcome of that one playoff win. Denver stopped NE's record 10 game win playoff win streak and Bailey showed up like the HOF player he is. What did Portis do in his playoff win?

Plus Denver got a 2nd round pick. Yes Denver got the better end of the trade.
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