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Just hard to believe that people are in any way against getting Peyton freaking Manning. For whatever reason. But the "I don't want to be the Yankees of the NFL" is the best one.

Go root for a team that will go 6-10 next year or if we send Tebows ass to Jacksonville then go with them. That way you can feel more "organic" when your new team goes 6-10. I'll be happy as a clam and enjoying life when we're 12-4 the next 3 years and competing for Super Bowls.

Oh...btw, if you would feel cheap if Manning raises the Lombardi in the Orange and Blue then you should have felt equally as cheap in '97 and '98 when we got those hired guns Gary Zimmerman, Mark Schlereth, Alfred Williams, Neil Smith, Ray Crocket, Ed McCaffrey, Howard Griffith, and Kieth Traylor to help us win those Super Bowls.

Yeah, super analogy bud. Zimmerman had been a Bronco for 5 years. Schlereth - 3. Eddie Mac -3.

Exactly the same thing I'm talking about.
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