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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by El Minion View Post
The side show is not a gays person fault or creation, it's the homophobes and disingenuous heterosexual that create the distraction. Michael Sam is just living is life like any normal individual. Certain people have problems with that, to everyone's detriment.
But knowing about the reaction, he has that choice of coming out to everyone he is gay. It is entirely his choice but it makes easy comments against him. I am not all on Gay life style and such but I don't know how players react to it. If we draft him, I care more about how he plays and how good is he as a teammate. If players don't have an issue with it in the locker room then the only thing to be worried about his the easy target from other fans. Win the SB or he kicks ass and that will wipe the gay comments all away.

One thing I won't be is jumping all over his twitter account or such. Then again, I don't do that for anyone.
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