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THANK YOU. I haven't dropped in on the other thread since the first week it was up, but being familiar with the, uh, tact and conscientiousness of most this board, I assumed it was riddled with spoilers.

I've had friends who have read the books. I assume they're good books! But some of the people who've read them are the worst people on Earth. Literally had to walk out of rooms when, after multiple requests to stop, Mr/Mrs "I've Read All the Books!" won't stop dropping hints with a self-satisfied smile.

But, yeah, actually haven't seen this week's yet. But as soon as I do I will update my Most ****ed list. That's one of the fun parts of the show; 10x a week I say out loud "oh, they're so screwed." But sometimes something happens and they weasel out, or something happens to someone who looked safe.

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