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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
It's ultimately about personnel. I was surprised we made it to the Super Bowl as banged up as we were. We've been able to field a constantly competitive team. Fox has won the division three years in a row, one with Tim Tebow at QB. That's as many division wins as Shanahan had his entire tenure here. If we keep choking in the playoffs, you can expect Fox to get the R66v6s treatment.
True enough Kaylore,

Outside people and even some who should know better seem to forget that half our D including some of our best D players were gone along with starting pro bowl LT. The fact that we made it to the dance was a minor miracle as it was. After Von and Harris both went down back to back after all the other loses I thought for sure we would be very lucky to win the make it to the AFC Championship... but with home field advantage and Gronkowski suddenly out that was a big help to punch it in, but alas proved to be at least one full pay grade higher than the team we were able to field could handle.

Nevertheless, with some better and even just average NFL team injury luck this year, the story could easily finish on that high note we've all been waiting for since end of the 1998 season. Seattle or no. I suspect the Hawks will find the sledding a good deal tougher this year and its unlikely they have the Cinderella great injury luck they have last year, especially moving into the playoffs. They lose some one like Russell, Sherman and/or especially Earl Thomas and the wheels could come of that wagon fairly quickly.

Fox has proven good at getting teams there, and assuming we can field enough horses next time, he just has to stay out of the way, more or less, and not get too conservative in that last game to complete the deal.
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