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Originally Posted by errand View Post

Several of Fox's biggest critics on here have defended Shanahan's post Elway mediocrity with great ferocity. Fox like any other coach isn't perfect and has flaws, but he's won 3 consecutive division titles homegirls throughout twice, an AFC title and the team has improved every season....when he's consistently finishing 8-8, 9-7, or 7-9 every year then yeah, kick him to the curb.
I think Manning had more to do with Fox's record than Fox's coaching does. No way we go 13-3 both years without manning. He showed he could go 8-8 with Tebow/Orton but about 2-3 of those games were won due to opposing teams stupidity(ie Marion Barber). Also wouldn't have won the division that year without SD having to clean up their mess earlier in that week 17 day.
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