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Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
Imagine Elway throwing for the entirety of his career to guys like Harrison, Wayne, and Clark. Add Edgerin James, and re-write the rule book specifically to enhance Elway's production and longevity.
Some Harrison, Wayne, Clark were all pros and they made Manning look good? I forgot about all the other players Manning has had like Blair White, Anthony Gonzales, Austin Collie, Pierre Garçon, Jacob Tamme, Ben Utect, Brody Eldridge, Joseph Addai, Dominick Rhodes...

Should I touch the offensive line?

Peyton makes everyone he plays with better. Look at Caldwell Thursday night. You act as though Elway played with no talent. Maybe Manning enhanced the level of everyone around him.

Imagine if Peyton had TD running the ball and the Broncos defense.
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